Painting a mural designed by

Jenna Carando for Calm 


I spent a week in San Francisco painting this mural designed by Jenna Carando for the Calm HQ office in Union Square. After painting a gradient mural for Manifold in 2018, I was confident that I could get a pretty smooth blend of color on the wall with house paint—which ain’t no joke, especially on this wall that was twice the square footage of Manifold’s. The painted segments appear kind of harsh on their own, but adding in the charcoal paint (called Raccoon Fur, you’re welcome) around the lettering helped give the illusion of a nearly perfect gradation.

After about 10 trips to the hardware store, a lot of Boba, 30ish hours of painting, and some help from Jenna toward the end, it all came together and I was able to peel the tape with HOURS to spare before flying out at 5am. These challenging projects always end up being the most rewarding, and I’m super grateful to Jenna for bringing me in on this and to Calm for having me at their office for a week 💙


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