Stronger Together mural for

Invalesco Real Estate


Gilda of Invalesco Real Estate reached out about a hand painted mural for her new beautiful office space on South Broadway in Denver. We initially talked about a custom Denver map mural, but realized a hand lettered phrase would be a better fit for the available wall.

Sometimes, finding the right words to display on a wall can be the trickiest part of the mural process. In this case, Gilda immediately knew that the Invalesco tagline "Stronger Together" was an easy pick for this wall. I totally agreed—it's an inviting, positive phrase that would be timeless as a mural that employees and visitors would see regularly. And on top of that, I knew that two words similar in length would have a nice hand lettered layout, especially on this wall that's about a 1:2 LxW ratio.

We thought about trying to incorporate Invalesco's signature yellow brand color into the mural, but there are so many beautiful yellow touches in the space already (like a long gorgeous velvet couch) that it felt ok to be a bit more muted with the mural design. We were all happy with the result—a clean, minimal design that still adds life and personality into the space and is a great reminder.


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