Team Boss mural for

Emma Coburn's Olympic training gym 


Team Boss is a training gym in Boulder run by professional track athlete and Olympic medalist Emma Coburn and her husband/coach Joe Bosshard.

Emma asked me to create a gradient mural with their training group name to brighten up the space, and I got to spend a couple of days painting this with a garage door view of the Flatirons. After 2+ months in quarantine, this was about as good of a project as it gets and I didn’t mind painting all those coats of white even a little bit.

To get a smooth gradient with crisp edges, I projected the design to plan the placement of the words on the wall. Next I hand rolled 5 colors and blended them fast before the paint dried. I then projected the design again, this time chalking the words back onto the painted area. Finally I cut in around the gradient drop shadow and painted a few coats of white letters on top. 


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