Waves of the Same Sea

gradient linocut print


When everything started getting crazy due to COVID-19, I made this design and decided to turn it into something that people could send out via mail to remind friends they're not alone. I've always wanted to try my hand at carving lino and printing, so the time at home was a good chance to give it a go.

It was meditative to work on this, especially the slow process of carving the block and trying not to make any mistakes because the art supply stores were closed and I only had one piece of lino lying around. 

I ended up having stickers made as well, and shared 50% of profits from stickers and prints with Jubilee Roasting Co for their mission to deliver coffee and food to healthcare workers at local hospitals. 

Later, when protests began after George Floyd's death, the organizers of Unity Auction reached out to me to see if I'd contribute something to help raise funds for Black Lives Matter and The Loveland Foundation. I donated the original hand painted wood piece for auction, and the entire Unity Auction raised $6550 for these two important organizations.


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